Knowing the Forex Trading System

The Forex Trading System is intuitive and ergonomic. In the Forex System, all trading functions can be performed from the main screen, including placing a trade, leaving an order, position and order management, and margin analysis.

Executing trade in Forex Trading System

The ability to trade straight away from real-time and streaming quotes is the pride and joy of the Forex System. The current bid or ask prices appear to be an aspect element and clients can at any time click to the excellent current bid or offer and instantaneously execute a forex trade.

More importantly, the dealing desk in Forex System publishes ONE price to the entire client base and allows any client to deal with that available price.

In the Forex System, by offering immediate execution from live, two-way prices, clients are always sure that the available prices are “at the market.” Dealing from live quotes offers the forex traders dealing in the forex trading system the advantage of anonymity and faster execution.

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In Forex System the typical execution times are sub-one second, currently the fastest execution available from any online forex trading platform in Forex System.

How to work on the Forex Trading System?

In the Forex System, the beginning day traders element within the FX market typically lack the discipline to constantly place stop orders or say stop losses when they trade. The car Stop Loss feature in the Forex System helps traders build discipline by placing stops automatically with every repeated trade in the Forex System.

If the car stop loss feature is enabled and there is no existing position in a given currency pair, a window will pop up automatically asking the trader to enter a stop-loss after a trade for that pair is finally executed. The automatic stop loss is not a mandatory issue since a trader can always decide not to set a stop by selecting an “Abort.” However, it is wise for day traders always to have specific stops in place when trading currencies in the Forex System.

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To enable auto Stop, review “automobile Order Prompt” countenance within the log on the tab of the trading platform. Since they are associated with an existing currency position, orders that are placed using the auto Order feature are called Position Orders.

The columns titled “Limit” and “Stop” of the Position Management section show the prices at which the Position Orders were placed. The customers dealing in Forex Trading System are also taught how to set stops and other orders in our free training.

In Forex System when the automatic order feature is enabled, the window below pops up. The auto Order feature can be new to enter either a limit order, stop loss, or order for the entire amount of the new position.

Thus, in Forex Trading System when the order is accepted, the information will show up highlight within the position management section. After placing the order, the existing 100,000 Euro-Dollar positions will indicate a value of 1.1952-aspect element within the “Limit” column of the Position Management section.

In other words, while trading in the Forex System, the order will become a linked order to sell an existing 100,000 EUR/USD position at 1.1952 or better. Then this position order will not show up trait within the Order Management because it is linked to an existing position rather than being an independent order that was placed individually.

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Squaring the Forex Position in Forex Trading System

The SQR Button gives clients the ability to exit a forex position from the Forex System with greater ease. Pressing the SQR button automatically executes an offsetting trade to close out the entire open position in a specific currency pair.

If the trade is successful, the Net column will show “0″, and the deal will appear trait within the deal Blotter. To confirm all the forex trade details, review the Activity Log.

Point and Shoot Feature in the Forex Trading System

To see what individual trades make up for an entire position in the Forex System in a specific currency pair, the system’s Point and Shoot button must be pressed. Then an FX trader can close any individual trade that is part of that position.

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