99 % Accurate Forex Trading System

There are thousands Forex trading systems that exist online but none of them claim to be 99% accurate. So the question arises, is there any 99% accurate Forex trading system in reality?

The answer is NO because the extent of losses can exceed 1% of transactions in any case. However, the answer is YES as well, if you consider the net profitability lying in positive figures.

Now arises another question, what kind of Forex trading system you actually need? The answer is very simple. Any trading system that gives more profit than losses is the right system for any trader. We gauge two key indicators to assess any trading system:

1. Risk to Reward Ratio

2. Win to Loss Ratio

If the minimum risk to reward ratio is 1:2 then the system may sustain even if number of loss trades is equal to the number of winning trades. Win to Loss ratio has secondary importance if risk to reward ratio is at least 1:2. However, win to loss ratio gets more importance if the reward is negative against the risk. Usually, this is the case when you trade binary options.

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Now let’s explore a trading system that comprises of complete science of trading and could be considered a 99% accurate trading system because of multiple times rewards as compared to the risk and holds very high winning ratio as well.

We are talking about volume – price analytical technique which comprises of eight different patterns of trading. Once you master those eight patterns, you will be in great position to earn handsome amount of money. Not only this, you will be able to grasp the market microstructure that lets you understand the price mechanism and what’s going on behind the charts.

For this purpose, you need following indicators:

  • volume indicator
  • 20 – simple moving average
  • trend channel
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A volume – price analytical chart looks like the following:

99 accurate forex trading system

Along with the eight price patterns, there are seven types of volume patterns as well that are read in alignment with the price behavior. This confirms the entry and helps to filter the fake trades.

This trading method is quite complex and we cannot sum up all in single article. Therefore, we are going to explain one simple entry method that has 89% winning rate over the last five years data and risk to reward ratio is 1:2. So let’s get started:

Timeframe: 4-hour

Currency Pair: Any

Buy Entry: Enter buy order if the price closes above 20-sma and volume is higher than the average.

Stoploss: Put stoploss at or below the low of previous bar.

Takeprofit: 50 to 80 pips depending on market volatility.

99 accurate trading system

Sell Entry: Enter buy order if the price closes above 20-sma and volume is higher than the average.

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Stoploss: Put stoploss at or above the high of previous bar.

Takeprofit: 50 to 80 pips depending on market volatility.

99 accurate trading system

If the trigger bar is too big, then avoid entering the trade as the price may consolidate there and retrace a lot before riding back to the trend.

Advanced Mode: Advanced traders should do bargain hunting. They should wait for the price to retrace towards 20-sma so that their risk is further minimized by around 10 pips and their odds for winning bigger pips become high as well.


You may take benefit by adopting the above explained trading system but the entire volume-price analytical method is quite complex and time taking process to excel. Therefore, if you are interested to learn, you should send a query at info@blackpipper.com and state your wish to learn the complete methodology. Any of our experts will reach you to discuss the rest.

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