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Sberbank told what to expect from the ruble on the day Powell can announce tapering

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Sber CIB analysts believe that oil market players are encouraged by forecasts of a recovery in global oil demand. At the same time, the intensification of the coronavirus pandemic in some countries and the OPEC + decision to keep the plans to increase production in force remain deprived of their attention. The market is likely to try to return to the level of $ 68.1 per barrel, Sber CIB experts believe.

If the head of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell gives a press conference today after the announcement of the FRS decision in the area of ​​monetary policy. He, according to Sberbank, on Wednesday will talk about the conditions under which the program for buying up assets on the market will begin to curtail, this could lead to a strengthening of the dollar and a weakening of the ruble to 75.5 rubles / $ 1.

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Sberbank does not expect a decline in OFZ yields on Wednesday after growth on Tuesday, as the Treasury market underwent a correction. The Ministry of Finance decided to set limits on auctions of ruble bonds, so the new placement on Wednesday, according to experts from Sber CIB, will not put pressure on the quotes of the secondary market.

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