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Norway’s welfare fund raises $ 46 billion in the first quarter

Morgan Stanley Index for World Stocks in Recent Months

The $ 1.3 trillion Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, the world’s largest, posted first-quarter earnings on gains in equity markets, it said Wednesday.

The fund had a 4.0% return on investment, earning 382 billion kronor ($ 45.7 billion) from January to March, surpassing its own benchmark index.

“The stock market’s growth has been largely driven by the financial and energy sectors,” the fund’s deputy general manager, Tronda Grande, said in a statement.

While stock returns were 6.6%, the fixed income portfolio lost 3.2%, while unlisted real estate yielded 1.4% positive returns.

The fund invests the Norwegian government’s oil and gas revenues in 9,100 companies worldwide, owning 1.4% of all listed shares worldwide, and also invests in bonds, real estate and green infrastructure.

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