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Californian company will produce natural gas from food waste and sewage


California Authorities Have Allowed a Company Developing the First Food Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plant in natural gas, to attract financing in the amount of $ 13 million.

A company called SoCal Biomethane plans to upgrade its Victorville facility with methane fermentation technology *. The gas produced is expected to be pumped through a pipeline owned by Southwest Gas.

SoCal Biomethane, a division of Anaergia **, claims its plant will remove 300 tons of organic waste from landfills annually and produce 320,000 MMBtu of renewable natural gas (a form of synthetic natural gas or natural gas substitute).

The plant to convert food waste and waste water to natural gas is expected to be operational in about a year, with environmental benefits equivalent to 14,500 vehicles leaving the road.

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