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Beijing surpasses New York in the number of billionaires and takes first place in the Forbes ranking

Top 10 cities in the world with the maximum number of billionaires (Forbes data). Source: Statista

For the first time in seven years, New York lost the title of the world capital of billionaires: in 2020 it was surpassed by Beijing, which has 33 more billionaires in a year. Forbes writes about it.

Now the top ten cities with the maximum number of billionaires looks like this:

  1. Beijing (100 billionaires)
  2. New York (99 billionaires)
  3. Hong Kong (80 billionaires)
  4. Moscow (79 billionaires);
  5. Shenzhen (68 billionaires)
  6. Shanghai (64 billionaires)
  7. London (63 billionaires);
  8. Mumbai (48 billionaires, as in San Francisco, but the locals are richer);
  9. San Francisco (48 billionaires)
  10. Hangzhou (47 billionaires).
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100 billionaires live in Beijing against 99 in New York, but New York are richer ($ 484.3 billion versus $ 560.5 billion).

The Forbes 2021 list has 2,755 billionaires, a quarter of whom live in the above ten cities and ten percent in four Chinese metropolitan areas.

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