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Analysis and forecast of EUR / USD for today, April 30, 2021

On Thursday, the decline in EUR / USD can be called market noise. At the end of the session, the pair lost 0.06% and went down to the level of 1.2115. The high of the day was 1.2150, and the low was 1.2106.

From 1.2150 the asset showed a correctional decline, which allowed the indicators to unload on h1. Now the pair is at the line of balance, which can be considered a pivot level and is ready for fluctuations by 0.4% or 0.62% from the point 1.2112.

Major currencies show multidirectional dynamics against the dollar. Euro and yen are declining, the rest are growing. The “Australian” has added 0.37% since the beginning of trading, although the statistics published today from China did not give cause for optimism.

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The index of business activity in the services sector of the PRC in April showed 54.9 p, and the industrial sector fell to 51.1 against the forecast of 55.9 p.

Today, the main driver for EUR / USD is the yield on US bonds. In addition, the markets are awaiting the release of GDP data for the first quarter of Germany and the Eurozone. If the reporting pleases investors, the pair may rise to 1.2160. Otherwise, the risks of falling to the trend line 1.2094 (points 4 and 5 on the chart) increase.


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