Xmaster formula MT4 indicator free download

The Xmaster Formula indicator is a specialized algorithm created to assess the situation that has developed on the trading chart at the current time and identify the optimal places for opening successful positions. 

What is Xmaster formula MT4 indicator?

With a relatively high level of accuracy, the considered algorithm can detect both the beginning and the end of a trend so that its signals are optimal for making money in the foreign exchange market. Initially, the considered algorithm was created for scalping, as well as intraday trading.

Later, the Xmaster Formula indicator was slightly modified, which allowed it to be successfully used for long-term and medium-term trading. The algorithm under consideration can be genuinely universal since the signals it generates have a similar level of accuracy at almost any time interval.

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The described instrument can be used on virtually any asset. Still, to ensure the maximum efficiency level, it is recommended to give preference to pairs, which often have strong trends.

Xmaster Algorithm Optimization

The algorithm setup is elementary. Even beginners who are just getting acquainted with the foreign exchange market and have not used such a tool before will cope with this task without any problems.

After activating Xmaster Formula, you will see a list of its characteristics. The described device has the following parameters: Email-Alert. In this field, you can start a unique function that will send messages to your mail that the algorithm in question has identified the optimal moment to create a successful position.

Sound-Alert. When this parameter is activated, when the optimal moment for creating a successful position is identified on the trading chart, you will hear a sound signal. The Xmaster Formula indicator’s creators did not provide for the possibility of changing the parameters that affect its functioning.

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On the one hand, this does not allow performing a more subtle optimization of the algorithm under consideration for the selected currency pair and time interval. On the other hand, thanks to this feature of the Xmaster Formula tool, it is an excellent choice for novice speculators. 

Xmaster Algorithm Application

The Xmaster Formula indicator is displayed on the screen in its window in dots, which have different shades and form a curve. Based on the readings of this algorithm, you can determine which trend is present on the trading chart and identify the optimal places for creating successful positions. It is effortless to use the described algorithm to determine the direction.

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If red dots are displayed in the algorithm window, then there is a downtrend on the chart. When an uptrend is present in the market, green dots are shown in the algorithm window.

You can also use the Xmaster Formula to identify the ideal points to open successful positions. After the color of the considered algorithm’s points changes from green to red, and an arrow directed downward appears, you should create a sell position.

If the shade of the considered algorithm’s points changes from red to green and an upward arrow appears, you should generate a buy position. To learn how to correctly optimize and apply the Xmaster Formula indicator, use a demo account.

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