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Var Mov Avg Indicator

The Var Mov Avg indicator is a specialized algorithm for trading MT5. With the help of the algorithm in question, you can fairly quickly assess what kind of situation has developed on the chart of the asset you have chosen for earning and identify the optimal places for creating successful positions.

The described algorithm is a kind of moving averages. The difference is that it uses its own formula to perform all the necessary calculations. The signals of the described algorithm are displayed as multi-colored dots that form a curve. The shade of these points, as well as their location in relation to the price level, depends on the situation in the market. Due to the simplicity and clarity of the signals issued by the described algorithm, it can be safely recommended to all novice speculators.

The high level of universality of the described algorithm makes it possible to successfully apply it on almost any time intervals and currency pairs. To download the Var Mov Avg indicator, use the link that you can see below.

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Var Mov Avg indicator. Optimization

The installation of the described algorithm is simple. Even if you do not have any knowledge or experience of using similar tools, then you can easily cope with this task. After starting the considered algorithm, a window with its parameters will appear in front of you.indikator var mov avg

The considered algorithm has the following parameters:

  1. “Period-AMA”. This parameter is responsible for the period of the AMA instrument, which is part of the considered algorithm.
  2. “N-Fast”. In this field you can set the period of the fast curve, which is integrated into the described algorithm.
  3. “N-Slow”. This parameter is responsible for setting the slow curve, which is part of the considered algorithm.
  4. Use-Sound. When this function is activated, at the moment the described algorithm detects the next point of entry into the market, you will hear a sound signal.
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Due to the fact that the described algorithm has only three adjustable parameters that have a direct impact on the correctness of its functioning, both a speculator with a certain trading experience and a beginner can handle the optimization process.

Algorithm application

It is extremely simple to use the described algorithm to make money on the foreign exchange market. You just need to transfer the described algorithm to the chart of the asset you have chosen for earning and perform the optimization procedure. Next, you need to wait for the next signal to appear and create a position in the desired direction.indikator var mov avg

As soon as the points of the described algorithm cross the top of the price level and change their shade to green, you should quickly create a buy position. The reverse change in the color of the dots is a signal to close the deal.

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At the moment when the points of the considered algorithm from below cross the zero mark and change their color to red, you should create a sell position as soon as possible. The reverse change in the color of the points should be taken as a signal to close the deal. You can also just wait for the next information window to appear and follow the recommendations in it.indikator var mov avg

To learn how to correctly optimize and apply the algorithm in question, use a demo account. Only after accumulating the necessary amount of experience and skills in applying the algorithm in question, you can start trading for real money.

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