Tradingview – a charting app or a social network?

Tradingview is the top rated charting application used by millions of traders around the world. The platform is undoubtedly adored by all the niches of the online trading world. Tradingview attracts forex, CFD, cryptocurrency, futures, options and stock traders from all walks of life. You may be wondering why Tradingview is so popular among different categories of traders and how one could satisfy them all. Tradingview’s success is largely due to the many social components integrated into the charting application.

Tradingview has a rich set of features that are difficult to handle for most trading platforms. There are many types of charts, workspace customization options, indicators, and controls. One area where Tradingview stands out is the annotation tools and chart objects. The application supports dozens of patterns, geometric shapes, Fibonacci, Gann, forecasting and measurement tools. All these accessories make Tradingview a very competent application for setting up and sharing trading ideas, theories and analysis.

Tradingview Idea Flow

The number of annotation features available in Tradingview made it an ideal tool for traders to apply and communicate their ideas to other traders. In addition to the many powerful and great tools available, Tradingview has introduced several community-focused features that allow users to share ideas.

At the heart of the Tradingview community is the flow of ideas. Participants can share their chart settings and tests with descriptions. Just like on a social network, other members can like, share, subscribe and comment on posts. Not only can you follow specific users, trading pairs, markets or types of analysis, but you can also actively search for ideas in the feed. There is even a function that shows past ideas in the form of diagrams.

Accepting trade offers from complete strangers on the Internet may seem strange, but Tradingview makes it easy to communicate about users and their messages, allowing the community to take control of themselves. One great feature is the ability to display the latest market data for older trading ideas. For example, if you found a trading idea 5 days ago and want to know how accurate it is, you can click the play button, which will load new bars. Instead of comparing two charts to each other, you can see how the idea is implemented with the click of a button.

Tradingview Community Features

While Ideas Stream is one of the centerpieces of the Tradingview community, the platform offers many other online features.

  • Public chats
  • Private messages
  • Live Stream
  • User profiles

Professional network for traders

Need to say; there is no place on the web like Tradingview. While other social media platforms, messaging apps, and online forums provide housing for the shopping communities, none of them come close to offering what Tradingview does.

Apart from the many trading-focused features, many users appreciate that Tradingview is a business. Many traders compare it to “Linkedin trading”. You won’t find memes, home video flops, random news articles, or funny dogs.

As long as you chat with your peers, you will never feel disconnected from the markets. Tradingview broadcasts price updates, news, market sentiment and more.

Trading on Tradingview

While everything in this article probably makes Tradingview sound so miraculous it would be impossible for any trading platform to compete with it. Here’s the thing; Tradingview isn’t primarily a trading platform. Tradingview makes its money in a few ways, they show ads in the application, and they sell subscriptions to traders who want an ad-free version with some premium features. It means you will still need to execute your trades in MetaTrader 4 or cTrader.

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You may have seen Tradingview charts and widgets all over the place; on forex trading platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges and many investment sites. This is because Tradingview offers a library of charts for platform developers to use their products and widgets for new sites and blogs to embed on their sites.

Should you be on Tradingview?

While you can’t trade with brokers like Scandinavian Capital Markets, Tradingview can be an inspiring community worth getting involved with. This allows you to communicate and interact with traders from all over the world, share ideas and disprove them, and stay updated on the markets.

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