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Slide Divergence Indicator MT4

indikator slide divergence

The Slide Divergence indicator is a specialized algorithm specially designed for the MT4 trading platform. Using the described algorithm, you will be able, with a fairly high level of efficiency, to assess the situation on the chart of the selected asset and identify the optimal moments for creating successful positions.

The peculiarity of the described algorithm is that it is designed to identify divergences, on the basis of which you can determine the optimal places to determine the entry into the market. The signals of the considered algorithm are displayed in the window under the price level. Due to the fact that the signals of the described algorithm are as simple and visual as possible, it can be safely recommended to novice speculators who are just getting acquainted with the foreign exchange market.

The Slide Divergence indicator is quite versatile, since the signals it generates maintain an acceptable level of accuracy on almost any currency pair and time interval.

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To download the Slide Divergence indicator, use the link that you can see below.

Download Slide Divergence indicator

Slide Divergence indicator. Optimization

The installation of the described algorithm is simple. Even if you are a beginner and do not have experience with similar tools, this process should not cause you any significant difficulties. After starting the considered algorithm, a window with its parameters will appear in front of you.indikator slide divergence

The described algorithm has only one configurable parameter called “Count”. This parameter is responsible for the period of the described algorithm. The value for this field should be selected depending on the time interval that you plan to use for trading.

Due to the fact that the considered algorithm has only one adjustable parameter, the process of its optimization can be handled not only by a speculator with a certain trading experience, but also by a beginner who is taking his first steps in the foreign exchange market.

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Algorithm application

Using the described algorithm to make money on the foreign exchange market is as simple as possible. You need to transfer the Slide Divergence indicator to the chart of the selected asset and optimize it. Then you just need to wait for the next signal to appear and create a position in the desired direction.indikator slide divergence

As soon as a blue arrow directed downward appears in the window of the described algorithm, you need to create a sell position. It is recommended to close a sell deal as soon as possible after the opposite signal is displayed in the window of the described algorithm.

At the moment when a blue arrow directed upward appears in the window of the algorithm in question, you need to quickly create a buy position. After an opposite signal appears on the trading chart, you should promptly close this position.

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The accuracy of the signals of the described algorithm is quite high, but at the same time, some of the signals generated may eventually turn out to be erroneous. If you use such signals to create trades, then you will incur serious losses. The trading process can be made more secure by combining it with additional technical tools that can confirm the accuracy of the incoming signals.indikator slide divergence

To learn how to correctly optimize and apply the described algorithm, use a demo account. Only after accumulating the required amount of experience and skills in applying the considered algorithm can you start trading with real funds.

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