Scalper Cluster Moving Indicator

The Scalper Cluster Moving indicator is a specialized algorithm for the MT4 trading platform. Using the described algorithm, you can fairly quickly assess the situation that has developed on the chart of the asset you have chosen for earning and identify the optimal places for creating successful positions.

As you can see from the name of the algorithm in question, it is a modified version of the time-tested moving average tool. The described algorithm is based on a specialized digital filter, due to which its signals are output without significant delays.

The Scalper Cluster Moving indicator is a fairly versatile algorithm, since the signals it generates maintain an acceptable level of accuracy on almost any currency pair and time intervals. To download the Scalper Cluster Moving indicator, use the link that you can see below.

Scalper Cluster Moving indicator. Optimization

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Installation of the considered algorithm is elementary. To solve this problem, you do not need any special skills or knowledge. After starting the described algorithm, you will be able to see a window with its parameters.

The Scalper Cluster Moving indicator has the following parameters:

  1. Cluster-Moving-Average-Period. This parameter is responsible for the period of the described algorithm. The value for this field should be selected depending on which time interval you plan to use for earning.
  2. “Color-bar-Sell”. In this field, you can select the shade of signals for creating sell trades.
  3. “Color-bar-Buy”. This parameter is responsible for the shade of the signals of the considered algorithm for creating buy positions.

Due to the fact that the described algorithm in fact has only one configurable parameter that affects the correctness of its functioning, both a speculator with a certain trading experience and a beginner who is just getting acquainted with the foreign exchange market can easily cope with the optimization process.

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Algorithm application

Using the described algorithm to make money on the foreign exchange market is as simple as possible. You need to transfer the Scalper Cluster Moving indicator to the chart of the asset of your choice and perform the optimization procedure. Then you just need to wait for the next signal and create a position in the desired direction.

As soon as the bars of the described algorithm cross the top of the price level and change their color to blue, you need to create a buy position. After the shade of the bars changes again, you need to close the previously created position.

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At the moment when the bars of the considered algorithm from below cross the price level and change their color to red, you should create a sell position. After the shade of the bars of the described algorithm changes again, you should promptly close the sell position.

Despite the fact that the signals generated by the described algorithm have a fairly high level of accuracy, some of them may turn out to be erroneous, which will ultimately lead to losses. To exclude such a scenario, it is recommended to combine the described algorithm with additional tools that will confirm the accuracy of the incoming signals. To learn how to correctly optimize and apply the described algorithm, use a demo account. Only after you get the necessary skills and experience in applying the algorithm in question, you can start trading with real money.

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