Fisher Yur4ik Indicator with no repaint

The Fisher Yur4ik indicator is a specialized algorithm that is designed to determine the trend that is present in the market, as well as to identify the optimal places for opening orders.

The Fisher Yur4ik indicator is displayed on the screen in the form of a histogram, which is displayed below the price level. After reviewing the readings of this histogram, the trader can get information about the direction and strength of the trend in the market at the current time.

To build the histogram, the algorithm uses information about the minimum and maximum value of the price level. An important advantage of this algorithm is that it is able to detect the beginning and end of a trend with a fairly high level of accuracy, which allows the trader to enter into successful orders.

If you decide to use this algorithm to create positions, you must take into account the fact that it changes its readings from time to time.

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To download the Fisher Yur4ik indicator, click on the link that you see below.

Fisher Yur4ik indicator.

Fisher Yur4ik Optimization

The installation of the algorithm is simple. Even if you are a beginner with no experience in using market assessment tools, this process should not give you any trouble. After activating the algorithm, you can see a window with its parameters.

The Fisher Yur4ik indicator has only one parameter that can be optimized:

“Period”. This parameter is responsible for the number of candles that the algorithm will use to perform all the necessary calculations. As the number in this line increases, the tool will generate significantly more signals, but some of them will be erroneous. If you decrease the number in this line, then the accuracy of the received signals will be higher, but their number will seriously decrease.
Since for the algorithm to function correctly, a trader needs to configure only one parameter, he should not have any problems with the optimization process.

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Tool application

As mentioned above, the Fisher Yur4ik indicator is a trending algorithm, therefore it is recommended to use it to identify the end and beginning of trends. Since this algorithm is quite simple to optimize and use, it can be recommended for novice traders.

The algorithm generates two signals to open orders. At the moment when the shade of the histogram changes from red to green, it is recommended to open buy orders. If the histogram changes its color from green to red, you need to open sell orders.

Experienced traders do not recommend using the Fisher Yur4ik indicator as the main tool for opening positions. This is due to the fact that due to the periodic redrawing of previously issued signals, the creation of orders based on the readings issued by this instrument can cause significant losses.

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There are two main methods that allow you to make the trading process using this algorithm more secure. The first method is to enter the market piece by piece. At the very beginning, you need to create an order with a small lot, and only after the price level has passed a certain distance in an advantageous direction, you should create an order with a larger lot.

The second method involves the use of the Fisher Yur4ik indicator in a pair with another instrument, which will confirm the incoming signals. To learn how to use the Fisher Yur4ik indicator, use a demo account.

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