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Advisor for opening orders with automatic lot calculation

Simplify and speed up your trading with an Expert Advisor for opening orders with built-in money management functions. Open orders in a couple of keystrokes, without tedious calculations of lot sizes and manually placing stops and takes!

First of all, the Trade Predator advisor is useful due to the acceleration of opening orders, plus the built-in functions of Money Management. You no longer need to calculate the lot size manually or using an additional indicator, everything will be done automatically and very quickly.

  • In a couple of keystrokes, open orders with the specified Stop Loss and Take Profit;
  • Includes indicator functions with automatic calculation of the lot from the deposit;
  • Withstands the percentage of risk per trade specified by you;
  • Opening a deal using hot keys, without using a mouse;
  • Indispensable, first of all, for pipsists and scalpers, as it allows you to save precious seconds and enter the market as quickly as possible;

And that’s not all, the details are below, when we turn to the analysis of the settings, fortunately, there are not many of them at all.

Installing Trade Predator

Advisor for opening orders with automatic lot calculation

  1. First, we install the advisor in the standard way;
  2. After that, we restart the trading terminal and make sure that we have enabled Auto trade (lights up green);
  3. Then, selecting our advisor in the list on the left, drag it onto the chart and the settings window will automatically open in front of us, which we will now consider in more detail;
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Trade Predator setup

  • BUY_Order – is responsible for which order will be placed by default, Buy – if we set true, Sell – if false. You do not need to change it, since the direction of the order can be changed at any time directly on the chart, but more on that below;
  • LotSize – lot size if you are using fixed lot for each position, if you do not plan to use a fixed lot, leave zero in this parameter. Below in the settings it is possible to set the lot in% of the deposit and use it instead of a fixed lot;
  • Slippage – permissible size of slippage. If at the moment of opening a deal there was a strong price movement and the value of the allowable slippage is exceeded, the order will not be opened;
  • MagicNumber – an identifier that is assigned to each order opened with Trade Predator. This parameter can be left unchanged. Allows the advisor to distinguish orders opened with its help from others (opened by other advisors or manually);
  • RewardFactor – a multiplier that determines the ratio of Take profit to Stop loss. For example, a value of 3 will mean that Take Profit will be 3 times more than Stop Loss. Or, in other words, the Stop Loss size multiplied by 3 will be used for Take Profit;
  • RiskPercent – calculation of the lot from the deposit, the percentage of risk per transaction, depending on the size of the deposit. For example, if you set 1%, then the lot size of the order will be automatically calculated in such a way that, if the Stop is triggered, your loss does not exceed 1% of the deposit;
  • TakeProfit – default Teik size;
  • TextColor – the color of the text of the advisor on the chart;
  • CustomStyles – turns on / off 2 settings below: SLStyle and TPStyle… These are purely cosmetic settings that are responsible for the style of displaying stop and take lines (dashed, solid, etc.);

After adding an advisor to the chart, the following inscriptions will appear in the lower right corner

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It shows the direction of the order that will be opened, the take and stop sizes in points and in monetary terms, the SL to TP ratio multiplier and the size of the future position in lots. If so far something seems incomprehensible, do not be discouraged, see the video below for more details, everything is extremely simple and understandable in fact.


Opening and changing order parameters directly on the chart is carried out using hot keys W D X С

  • W – resize SL and TP
  • D – change the direction of the position being opened (buy or sell)
  • X – open a position
  • C – close position
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The process of setting up and working with an advisor for opening orders is most clearly shown in the video

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