Forex trading should become either your job or your side hustle that pays your bills and also it should, above all become your hobby. Besides forex trading is fun!! Admittedly, it takes a lot of time to learn and master the art of trading forex, stocks and indices and for one to become a profitable trader. Nothing happens overnight isn’t it?

Career coaches often say that the first step of getting to the next level of life is educating yourself. Acquire the skills, it doesn’t matter that you hold a bachelor’s degree in economics, you are an engineer or a qualified teacher, despite possessing all those qualifications, you need to educate yourself in order to grow as a forex trader. First and foremost, acquire the skills required to trade forex. Educate yourself with financial and risk management and policy management. Lest you will discover that you are not making any money despite making huge profits on your mt5 platform.

Move from thinking to doing, and create a positive environment for yourself. Friends are people, they come and go in our lives. Sometimes our friends outgrow us in life, and sometimes we outgrow them. Never feel guilty for trying to surround yourself with positive people, who can help or inspire you to grow and reach your desired destination.

At Crowd Wolf Club, our goals have extended beyond just helping the unprofitable trader, we have also decided to help each other grow in life as forex traders by investing our profits the same way we are pooling funds for capital. This initiative is called Investing in Businesses Outside forex trading. It is an act of securing one’s financial sources. By investing for example, buying a property as a club, in the long run everyone will be able to profit from a second source of income.

Investment outside forex trading is currently our core focus in growing to the next level of life as a forex trader. Succeed in forex trading and put your money elsewhere, where it will grow. Flashing on social media soon after making profits is basically staying on the same place or actually pulling yourself back. Secure more financial sources by re-investing your profits into different industries, more money will chase you, and you shall have plenty to flash.