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Swiss Franc – how you could get rich on the race.

Profit on the jump in the franc

We continue to share topics on which people have made millions in this they are helped by the ability to analyze world news.

Early 2015 – an unprecedented leap in the Swiss Franc exchange rate. One of the most expensive and stable currencies of the richest country in the center of Europe.

Since 2011 the local Central Bank kept the franc at the level 1.20 euros “Burning” a large amount of currency at the auction, but as analysts predicted, the rate fixing was canceled.

Anyone who managed to understand the date of the beginning of large fluctuations in Switzerland was able to catch luck.

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January 15th the franc skyrocketed against world currencies, and then a period of exchange rate adjustment began, so who stood in the position to strengthen the franc to the prefix 1 lot, was able to earn 2800 points, which equaled 2 478 306 rubles… Those who understood the situation and took the risk turned out to be the winners.

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