How to Make Money in Forex Without Actually Trading?

Since Forex is one of the toughest businesses in the world, so many traders who are frustrated because of no success try to look the alternate ways to stay in the industry, use their knowledge of Forex and earn some money. There are many ways how to make money in Forex without actually trading. Yes, they do exist! But keep in mind, there is nothing around the world that lets you make money without skills. You have to have some skills and knowledge that you can use to make money.

Let’s discuss some ways how to make money in Forex without trading.

Be a Forex Affiliate

There are so many people selling their courses, indicators, systems, strategies and what not. You can simply signup with any affiliate program, promote your chosen services and get paid a certain portion of revenue for each sale generated. You may signup with ClickBank, MaxBounty or even with any well-known broker. All the brokers have affiliate programs and you get paid one pip or more for each transaction placed by the trader who signed up for an account with your referral link.

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Be a Forex Broker

Do you have a handsome sum of money to invest in Forex? But you do not want to trade yourself? Then read below to learn how to make money in Forex without actually trading.

Sometimes a trader makes money and sometimes he loses the money. But the broker is an entity who always makes money whether a trader loses or makes money. You can become a Forex broker, offer some unique services to your clients and make money from the trading spread or commissions.

Be a Forex Analyst

If you have profound knowledge of Forex, then you can even become an analyst and sell your analysis to individual clients or brokers. Simply go to any freelance marketplaces, signup there and showcase your talent. Once you build your name, you will be in a good position to become part of some giant organization as an analyst.

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Be a Forex Consultant

If you know well about the Forex trading and investing, then you may come up as a consultant and make money. For example, there is an investor who is willing to put a big amount of money at stake. So such a guy needs in-depth knowledge and insight to the potential returns, risk and other variable factors that a consultant can communicate in a better way.

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Be a Forex Blogger

You can set up your own blog on Forex where you can attract lots of visitors to read your analysis, news and other educational articles. There are plenty of ways to earn money from your blogging including but not limited to third party ads, direct advertising, affiliate, direct selling, etc.

Be a Forex MT4 Coder

If you are good at programming and also own fine knowledge of Forex, you may learn MQL that allows you to code custom indicators, systems and robots. You can sell your services on MQL Community marketplace as well.

Forex Forum Posting

There are few Forex forums that pay you a few cents for each post or reply that you post on their forums. This is a hectic and low rewarding work but good enough for someone who doesn’t fit in other stations of Forex.

Be a Forex Mentor

If you know some unique trading strategies and you have quite a convincing academic background, then you can become a mentor and train people. This is quite a lucrative work and you can make some serious money in it.

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Be a Forex Bookseller

If you have some great collection Forex E-books, you can sell them to the beginners. But keep in mind, not to sell any copyright protected content as it will be considered as illegal. You may also resell E-books from Kindle and earn revenue.

Be a Forex System Seller

You may sell trading systems if you can prove to the clients that your system has a great potential of making money. You can do this by shooting a video of your system, making some manual backtest or testing on strategy tester. You may also demonstrate it on a demo account.

We hope you have got some insight into different market segments where you can sell your Forex related services and earn a fair amount of revenue. Whatever you choose, just be sure to provide value to your clients through your skills and services.

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