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Think Like Smart Money Trade Like Smart Money

Do you want to learn to invest and trade? Do you want to drive your money train? Understanding who runs the show in the market can significantly stack the odds in your favor, resulting in a profitable outcome for you, a new market participant.

This book is written for brand new investors and traders with no prior experience who want to start their own business, investing, and trading in the markets to make money.

By reading this entire book, you can learn what and who causes new market participants to lose money. This information will place you on the fast track to start making money every day in live markets.

There is a series of steps a successful investor and/or trader needs to master before they become consistently profitable daily. This book will offer insight as to who controls the market and what you can do to take the proper steps to work with them to make money for yourself.

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This book reveals who the ‘Smart Money’ is and where they can be found on the price chart. It will teach you the Smart Money mindset and how to think and engage with the market like them.

New investors and traders often attempt to trade against the Smart Money, and 97% lose all of their money. By lending you my market knowledge, I am giving you a head start, so you know what not to do.

In this book, you will learn what most of the professionals who use real money in the live market don’t want you to know, and the only three things they care about.

The real-money investors and traders are counting on you, the new retail investor and trader, to make all these errors from which they can profit; they are lining their pockets with your hard-earned money. Let me give you some inside information to keep them from emptying your account.

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This book pulls back the curtain and exposes the Smart Money, divulging how they fleece the sheeple of the herd every day in the live markets.

Inside this book are some of the top reasons why brand new investors and traders fail in the live markets. There is an endless amount of information out there on investing and trading. However, no one breaks it down, step by step, for people who have zero experience.

After reading this book in its entirety, you will know what you need to do and what actions to avoid. You will understand how to make money from the other people who neglected to spend the proper amount of time to complete the education and training required to be a consistently profitable investor and trader in today’s markets.

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The content in this book is unique; no one has ever put this information about Smart Money together in one place, at one time. I intend to give you a head start on your journey by giving you some insider details.

The live market is competition at its peak. Why? Because it involves money. Money has a powerful lure for some people, and unfortunately, some will do anything to get it. Several hedge fund traders were recently found guilty of insider trading and are now going to spend time in prison because of it.

There are people in the live market who are willing to walk over dead bodies to make money, so have no doubt that the Smart Money does not care about you, the retail investor and trader. It’s all just business for Smart Money: the business of making money with money.

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