Bitcoin Stock: Does it worth the investment?

Bitcoin continued to employ investors in 2019: BTC coins are valuable, but new investors, in particular, are often unsure whether they should invest. After all, cryptocurrencies are still relatively new. The question of a Bitcoin stock comes up again and again in this context. We explain the following: Is there a Bitcoin stock, and what is the best way to invest in BTC?

A Bitcoin stock: is there such a thing?

By buying a stock, you are purchasing a small part of a company. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a digital peer-to-peer currency that is based on cryptography and blockchain and can be used as a booking system. With  Bitcoins, you buy either BTC coins or tokens. So when you purchase a cryptocurrency, you are not directly involved in the company’s profit – as would be the case with shares – but you can still benefit from price gains.

A positive development of the courses

The bitcoin price has increased incredibly since the introduction of the coin over ten years ago, and investment was therefore very worthwhile. However, there is no “classic” Bitcoin stock: only instruments such as “futures” are offered on the financial market, with which you can bet on an increase in the Bitcoin price. These promise great profit when investing but also involve a high level of risk and are, therefore, only suitable for experienced investors.

Is the Bitcoin Group share the official Bitcoin share?

No. The Bitcoin Group is an international Bitcoin mining company based in Melbourne, Australia. Buying your shares is not the same as purchasing a Bitcoin stock. You would only invest in a name that sounds similar. As already mentioned, there is no official Bitcoin stock.

How can I benefit without Bitcoin stock?

The answer to this question is simple: look for a suitable broker and invest! Price movements can never be predicted precisely, but a profit is not guaranteed by buying Bitcoin. However, BTC’s prospects are good even without Bitcoin stock. Our test for the broker eToro and our 24option test is probably the most interesting for you. Other cryptocurrencies are also possible, such as buying Ethereum or buying Litecoin.


Although there is always turbulence on the market, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have now become established and have become a worthwhile investment for many investors. Direct investment in coins or tokens can, therefore, be interesting for you – and without the need for a Bitcoin stock.

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